Goods elevators

Service lifts are designed for their intended purpose and are typically used to transport workers, materials and goods to the upper floors. Service elevators are characterized by their large sizes and wide dimensions, but it is slower in the upward movement compared to other elevators for safety and security reasons.

Car elevators

FUJI Car and Goods elevator provides simplicity
and wide range of usage in different kind of
industries and even multi stories car park. Our
team of engineers will design the elevator
according to the hoist way dimensions and
requirements provided by the customer.
A wide range of equipments, car interiors and
finishes have been made available to cater to
virtually all customers requirements and needs.
From AC-2 to ACWWVF and latest gearless
synchronous machine and system are widely
available for selection accordingly to customer’s
needs and budget.inclination (angle of inclination: O degrees, 10 degrees, 11 degrees and 12 degrees for transportation distance
of maximum 80 meters). It is widely applied in supermarket, hypermarket, airport, footbridge and etc. It is also
symbol based equipment for modernized shopping complex and centers