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FUJI adopted the world newly driving technique, the permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine which proven to be environmental protection green, high efficiency and economical on using approximately 50% of the power needed by comparable conventional type of traction machine, saving thousands of kilowatt hours annually. This traction machine uses no oil, removing the potential risk of fire, soil contamination and cost of maintenance. lts weight and size is almost 50% of the conventional type traction machine reduced the space required for machine room. The system reduces vibration and eliminates the noise completely from high speed running gears and motor. Self-generating type energy loss brake effectively prevents the elevator car from sliding and stopping accuracy means safety and ease of use.




FUJI implemented elevator integrated drive controller is the new generation of the state of the art elevator specific control and drive device that includes 32 bits high performance industrial class ARM controller with CANBus serial communications resulting a significant reduction of electrical wiring and redundant components. It adopts safety loop design in safety and door lock checking and comes with superb anti interference ability for electro-magnetic (EFT 4000V) and electro-static (ESD8000V). The system supports various type of features including multiple group control, fully selective collective control, load weighing compensation, IC card management, up/down peak service in group, zoned standby service, VIP priority service and etc. With full consideration of the safety and reliability of the elevator, inherent characteristic of elevator operation and specific feature of potential energy load, our FUJI FRENIC inverter adopted advanced technology of frequency control of motor speed as well as the integration of control and drive to prefecture of the elevator performance, cost efficiency and environment friendly